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Jason W

Testimonial Request and Nexa Mortgage
"Philip is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in all areas, from project management, programming, you name it. With the keen eye to detail, Phillip surpasses all expectations. If you are looking for somebody dependable, honest and hard-working, you found the right person."

Iam M

'We were able to brainstorm some creative solutions to complex problems and then he delivered those solutions. He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him on projects in the future.'

Cary B

'From creating a backbone chat system for company wide communications, to specialty tools used internally, as well as fixing issues within SQL DB's, and expertly repairing maleware/virus infections, he can sniff out a root kit a mile away. Phillip is expertly talented in I.T. Throw him into any situation he'll have a way to resolve it.'

Justin D

'Phillip is an on-task individual with an eye for detail. He is always willing to go above-and-beyond for both corporate and end-user support, and takes tasks that may be outside the norm in stride and to successful completion. He is what I would deem to be an invaluable asset to any enterprise.'

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Phillip R

Technical Leadership, Manager and Founder of MarPhil LLC - with over 30 years in the IT & Blockchain Fields
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Lyra U

Lyra is an up and coming graphics artist from Las Vegas, specializing in Graphic Design, Logos and Game Art.
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