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We merge modern technology with traditional thinking to enhance current support and technology offerings to anyone, not just the top companies in the company.


From support, to coding, MarPhil offers quite a few features for our customers. 

Web Design

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Software Development

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Digital Transformation

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UX and UI

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Meet the Team

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Phillip Rumple

Founder and Managing Member of MarPhil LLC, lead Developer and Lead Technology Analyst. 

Lyra Rumple

Technology Lead
Developer, Owner/Operator of Hyme and RubyDung and other tech projects. Tech Evangelist.

Regulatory Review

Policies/ Legal Review
Review your service/offering against national and international jurisdictional requirements. 
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Compliance Review

Terms/Privacy / Policies
Review your service/offering against compliance required policies and site required policies
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Software Support

Project Management / Ops Support
From Software Management/Agile support to DevOps, SecOps, and IT Ops, MarPhil can provide the oversight.
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Have a listen to what our users have to say about our efforts :)
Phillip is one of the most humble, hard working and knowledgeable people that I know and have the honor to work with as our CTO. On the tech side, Phillip is an absolute genius who has knowledge in absolutely every area of technology, whether it be computer hardware & OS systems, infrastructure, AWS hyper-scale, Kubernetes, ERP, system integrations. or on the code side overseeing our development team, scrum and automated workflow, Actually, Phillip is like a living "Swiss Army Knife" with versatility and capabilities that reach far beyond technology into marketing and operations. I can't say enough good about Phillip, his work ethic and the absolute genius that he is!

Christopher Kramer

Founder/CEO | SoMee Global
CEO of OneName Global, Inc. & founder of blockchain-augmented social media platform, SoMee.Social
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Tier Pricing

Curious how our pricing works for Technology Support services? It's simple really? 

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Dedicated Support
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Social Support
Email Support
Compliance Review
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