Who is MarPhil?

MarPhil Started with Husband team Phillip & Marlon providing technical and support services to the local Las Vegas Area - Now, we offer it to the whole nation :)
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Our Culture

Excellence isn't just a word - it's a way of life - if you cannot provide the service the client is asking for, what use can you really be? We train all of our techs to live up not only to a standard of MarPhil excellence, but their own goals as well. 

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A brief history of MarPhil LLC

Started in Las Vegas, Nevada - home of the best companies in the world - even if we are a bit biased on this point :P
Husband and Husband Team - Marlon and Phillip - from eCommerce to technical support, both have worked (yes for many years), in both industries. 
Phillip has worked for major organizations such as Target, IBM, The United States Air Force, just to name a few. 
Marlon is trained as a  Veternarian Tech - Graphics Designer - Clothing Designer and overall Support Person - master of all trades. 
Lyra, who has been with Marlon and Phillip for 16 wonderful years - is an expert at graphics Design and suport services as well. 
MarPhil went national in 2020 and started serving clients all over the United States - and went global in 2021. We offer support services to all businesses, large and small - doesn't matter the project. 

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